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Valparaiso and the Road to Santiago

Well it´s been a little while since I´ve posted anything on this, sorry about that but finding internet and fitting a good old blogging session in is a bit of a chore here. Anyway, I finally got some pictures up … Continue reading

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In Chile!!

WOOHOO!! Wow, Chile is beautiful. Unfortunately for you, I can´t put up any pictures at present, so take my word for it until I can. We are in Valparaiso, which as the name implies, is a bit like paradise. It … Continue reading

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Unrestrained Bike Tour Photos and Story!

A couple of weeks ago I joined up with the hardcore band Unrestrained on their  Band/Bike Tour through New England. The band loaded up their bikes in Burlington, Vermont and rode through Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. They played … Continue reading

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Other People Riding Bikes

Wow, I just noticed that my last three post titles feature exclamation points! I guess I just get excited about stuff! This past weekend I played host to a couple of young guys who were cycling across the US to … Continue reading

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Bike tour in South America!

So it’s official, I just bought my airline ticket last night for Santiago, Chile on December 28. I will be going bike touring with former Old Spokes Home co-workers and friends Dan Hock and Ted Berg, along with Derek Souza … Continue reading

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Band Tour+Bike Tour

My buddy Derek McIntyre just told me about how his band Unrestrained is planning a bike tour around New England. They’re hitting the road in May to play shows in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. Derek explains it well … Continue reading

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