Exploring Unnatural Light

In the last two months I’ve been getting into some interesting photo techniques using long exposures at night which include lighting that I add to selected parts of the scene. The basic concept goes like this: I set up a shot, set up a very long shutter speed (usually 30 seconds to five minutes) and then use flashlights to illuminate certain parts of the scene. Because of the long shutter speeds, I have the ability to light a subject from several different angles which creates lighting effects in which the subject glows with light that seems to come from within. By lighting the entire foreground of a photo, I can create a sense of false daylight or very even lighting with no shadows or highlights.

All of the photos are taken at night, there are no effects applied to the photos except occasional exposure adjustments.

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2 Responses to Exploring Unnatural Light

  1. clare says:

    holy crap these are even more awesome than i remember. way to go. you are a wizard. xoxo c

  2. These are great. You’ll have to really teach me how to do this. There’s a lot I can’t do with my camera but would love to.

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