Valparaiso and the Road to Santiago

Well it´s been a little while since I´ve posted anything on this, sorry about that but finding internet and fitting a good old blogging session in is a bit of a chore here. Anyway, I finally got some pictures up on Picasa and I´ll try to update whenever possible.

So as I said last time, we ended up in Valparaiso with the Zapatas- Nico, Camila, Pia, and their cousin Romina. They were awesome hosts and great friends for our time there and showed us around the city quite a lot. Valpo is easily the most beautiful city I´ve ever seen, with steep cobblestone streets that point straight up huge hills and old buildings stacked on one another.

From Chile and Argentina Bike Tour 2011
From Chile and Argentina Bike Tour 2011

The city is known as the bohemian center of Chile, and it´s easy to feel inspired looking out from an apartment window to see the ocean and  the people on the street. The city also has a wealth of really good street art and it is hard to turn your head without seeing a big, unique piece.

From Chile and Argentina Bike Tour 2011
From Chile and Argentina Bike Tour 2011

We´ve also had an opportunity to eat a lot of the local cuisine, mostly in the form of completos, which are hot dogs piled high with tomatoes, avocado, and a ton of mayonnaise. They´re sold everywhere and generally cost around a dollar fifty so they make a cheap meal, or as Dan says, “a food pyramid on a bun.” We are keeping a running tally of our individual completo intake, right now I am in the lead with six completos eaten, and Derek is not far behind with five. We´ll see how this competition pans out, but I have a good feeling that I might take the championship.

There are many other culinary monstrosities in Chile, not the least of which is el Guaton, a massive, face-sized sandwich with beef, avocado, cheese and other unnamed ingredients. We didn´t indulge, but who knows, we may have one yet.

 We also got a chance to swim in the Pacific, which was a first for me and a couple of others in the group as well.

After five lazy, sunny days, we said goodbye and headed toward Santiago, where I met up with my friends Daniella and Geraldine, Chileans that I worked with while I was at the Alta Peruvian  Lodge. We´ve been staying in a very nice and very cheap hostel here, but today we are packing up and shipping out, hopefully to make some significant mileage as we haven´t done too much so far.

As always, keep checking Picasa for more picture uploads. I have a big backlog of photos to wade through, so hopefully somewhere along the way I´ll catch up some more. Until then, adios.

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2 Responses to Valparaiso and the Road to Santiago

  1. Gram and Papa says:

    Have a great time, you world traveler, you !

  2. Ed Weinberg says:

    nice start to my day, checking all your pics. like the graffiti, especially the crazy door-bird. how are you doing? any weird adventures so far?

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