In Chile!!

Wow, Chile is beautiful. Unfortunately for you, I can´t put up any pictures at present, so take my word for it until I can. We are in Valparaiso, which as the name implies, is a bit like paradise. It is a beautiful city on the ocean with steep steep hills that are absolutely covered with a random assortment of decaying houses and apartment blocks. The weather is wonderful, 70-80 degrees and sunny. We just went swimming. The sun is out until 9PM.

So far no actual bike riding on the tour, due to a baggage mistake that forced my friend Derek and me to take a bus here from Santiago while the others rode. As it turns out, our bikes never made it onto the plane in NYC, so they finally arrived here yesterday.

In a couple of days we are heading out to Santiago again to visit friends and then we will be heading south.

Well, my time at the internet cafe is drawing to a close. Until next time, adios!

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