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Injury-touring in Chile

Well, that was quite a bike tour… since arriving in Chile we´ve had about ten days off the bike and five days on, definitely not the most disciplined bro-trek that´s ever been conceived (not that it´s a bad thing.)  We … Continue reading

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Valparaiso and the Road to Santiago

Well it´s been a little while since I´ve posted anything on this, sorry about that but finding internet and fitting a good old blogging session in is a bit of a chore here. Anyway, I finally got some pictures up … Continue reading

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In Chile!!

WOOHOO!! Wow, Chile is beautiful. Unfortunately for you, I can´t put up any pictures at present, so take my word for it until I can. We are in Valparaiso, which as the name implies, is a bit like paradise. It … Continue reading

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