The final countdown to Chile

Well it’s now under 24 hours until I get in the car for the trip down to NYC where a plane awaits to take Dan, Derek, Ted, Zach, and me down to Chile. I’m packed, and everything is set, and I’m doing my best to quell the feeling that I forgot something. The snow is coming down hard here, and I’m already thinking ab0ut summer in Chile, only a few short hours and long miles ahead.

I don’t really know what the plan for our travels is going to leave for internet-time,  so I can’t really say when I’m going to post on this blog. I will say that I’m not going to bust my butt to post too often. I will definitely be taking many photos and writing daily, but it may take a little while for things to make it to the internet.

Also, my riding companions are running a blog called Bicicleta Abajo where they’re going to keep people updated, so check on that to see what the group is up to as well.

Adios for now.

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2 Responses to The final countdown to Chile

  1. Sarah O Donnell says:

    Guess I’ll hold out for the paperback version 😉 Have FUN!

  2. mtairygal says:

    Glad the snow hasn’t changed your plans. Looking forward to sharing your stories with the folks in Mt Airy.

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