Lake Willoughby

I was just up in Vermont last week, visiting with Claire and catching some of Vermont’s beautiful fall weather. I grew up in Vermont and I’ve spent plenty of time wandering through the mountains and back roads, but I’ve never spent much time in the Northeast Kingdom, the remote and thinly populated corner of the state that is home to many glacial lakes, ponds, and expansive woods.

We headed to Lake Willoughby, a long, deep glacial lake in the town of Westmore.

The lake was formed by a glacier which plowed into a ridge, leaving a 300+ foot deep lake and the twin cliff faces of Mount Pisgah and Mount Hor.

From Vermont October 2010

The water in the lake is exceptionally clear and cold. The icy water and cool air did not tempt me to take a swim. It’s funny though, because the beach where we stood is the lake’s designated nude beach.

From Vermont October 2010
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