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Centralia, PA: The town that no longer exists.

Centralia was a coal mining community in eastern Pennsylvania. In 1962 a coal seam was ignited by burning waste in the town’s dump. From then on, fissures began to develop, pouring out smoke and carbon monoxide gas. The town remained … Continue reading

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One More Trip to North Philly

Since I found the place back in January, I’ve been back to the same giant warehouse in North Philly a few times. Last time I was there, I found hundreds of wood clamps in barrels and I constructed a quick … Continue reading

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Some Dust Bowl Ephemera

Reading The Grapes of Wrath recently got me on a search for primary source documents from the Dust Bowl, and I found the Library of Congress’ Voices From the Dust Bowl site, which has a wealth of interesting news clippings, … Continue reading

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Some Bike Geek Vanity- My Road Bike

I like to think I’m above the bike geek obsession with ‘correctness’ in setting up bikes. For the most part, I don’t get finicky about tracking down complete part groups or poring over catalogs to find the original parts specification … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

Not very much, I guess. Here’s a couple of head badges from two different Raleigh bicycles. For those who don’t know, Raleigh of Nottingham, England was once one of the largest bicycle makers in the world, and like many mega-companies, … Continue reading

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Pennhurst State School

I just visited the Pennhurst State School, a former institution for physically and mentally handicapped people outside of Philadelphia that has been closed since the 1970’s. My friend Sarah O’Donnell told me about it, emphasizing how huge, creepy and awesome … Continue reading

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Lake Willoughby

I was just up in Vermont last week, visiting with Claire and catching some of Vermont’s beautiful fall weather. I grew up in Vermont and I’ve spent plenty of time wandering through the mountains and back roads, but I’ve never … Continue reading

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