Other People Riding Bikes

Wow, I just noticed that my last three post titles feature exclamation points! I guess I just get excited about stuff!

This past weekend I played host to a couple of young guys who were cycling across the US to raise money for autism research. Will and Alex are from Kenya and London, respectively, and had never been bicycle touring or even visited the US before embarking on their trip.

From Philadelphia 2009-2010

They found me through Couch Surfing, a social network that connects travelers with people who offer up their couch or other accommodations. It’s a great way for travelers to save money and learn about where they’re visiting from people who live there, as well as a great way for hosts to get karma points and meet people from different places.

It was pretty fun to host them since I’ve been hosted by random people many times while bike touring and wanted to pass on the hospitality to other bike tourists. While they were here I made it my duty to load them up with cheese steaks, beer, ice cream, and donuts- all great bike touring fuel!

My roommate Travis also just got an awesome projector that we hooked up to the computer, which was really cool to check out when Will was showing us the bike tour route on Google Maps.

From Philadelphia 2009-2010
From Philadelphia 2009-2010

Check out Will and Alex’s site for news on their trip and to read up on their cause.

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