Bike tour in South America!

So it’s official, I just bought my airline ticket last night for Santiago, Chile on December 28.

I will be going bike touring with former Old Spokes Home co-workers and friends Dan Hock and Ted Berg, along with Derek Souza and Zach Mangione, two guys I don’t know very well but seem pretty cool. Dan is planning to tour all through South America for about a year, but I think I’m in for around three months.

We are starting in Santiago, then going south to Patagonia, then up to Buenos Aires. Depending on the money situation and how I feel, I may stick around for Uruguay and beyond.

It is gonna be awesome. Everybody I’m going with are super cool dudes and I’m really excited.

In the spirit of this upcoming adventure, I revisited my blog entries from the bike tour I took from Vermont to Colorado. It’s kinda funny reading about all that stuff, and all the stories that came of that experience.

Bike Tour 2007

Here’s a link to just the pictures.

Picasa album

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