Band Tour+Bike Tour

My buddy Derek McIntyre just told me about how his band Unrestrained is planning a bike tour around New England. They’re hitting the road in May to play shows in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. Derek explains it well on the band’s myspace page:

Over the last year, I have toured from New England to Miami, through Texas, up through California all the way to Alaska. I’ve had the opportunity to play shows in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Iceland, Spain, Estonia, Ukraine, and probably a couple dozen other countries over the last year alone. I’ve always struggled a little with the idea that touring this much is a little selfish, after all, I am the one that gets to see the world, meet people and share my music with whoever is willing to give me their time. I’ve been fed, housed, and gotten to experience the world in a way that most people wouldn’t be able to understand, and it’s thanks to a world wide community of punk and hardcore kids that are devoted to helping people like me who play in bands. We’ve spent a lot of money, in fact, all of our money, on plane tickets, bus tickets, broken down vans, gas, instruments, tshirts and recording, among other things. So what am i getting at? Okay, I’ll get to the point, as quickly as I can…

This past summer our van died in Alaska. Ryan and I hitch hiked from Fairbanks, AK to Anchorage, AK and spent our last thousand dollars on the first van we could find in an attempt to make as many shows as we could that were left in our tour. We got out of Alaska and broke down with the new van in northern Brittish Columbia. We were towed a hundred miles north to Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, where we spent 4 days and another thousand dollars fixing our brand new van. This cost us a whole week of shows, and the only reason we made it out at all was thanks to support from our friends across the world. People sent us PayPal donations, and we collected enough money to make it to the next couple, very last minute shows in Edmonton and Fargo before we flew to Central America for a two week tour.

After that experience, I felt like we needed to do something as a band to give back. I have always loved bikes, and wanted to go on another bicycle tour, but since we were so busy touring with Unrestrained, I didn’t really have the time. So, I had the idea of setting up an Unrestrained bicycle tour of New England. I thought it would be a cool way to not only challenge ourselves physically, and make touring a little more interesting and difficult, but also a good way for us to give back. We plan on carrying our guitars, and playing with local bands throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. Since we won’t be spending money on gas, we will donate any profits or gas money we make to Oxfam’s efforts in Haiti.

I have to say, I am extremely excited for this tour, while we have played all over the world, it will be nice to play some towns and cities that are relatively close to our hometown. I’m hoping this will shake things up a bit, challenge us as a band and get people excited about doing something different, and in the end hopefully raise a little money for a country that is in real need right now.

If you would be interested in helping us with a show, here is a loose route we have planned out. Please email me: derekcommonground (at) gmail (dot) com

This is going to be a lot of work and I could really use all the help I can get.


I think this is going to be really AWESOME not to mention that they’re giving away any money they make. These guys are really legit, nice guys who rock out so spread the word and help them out if you can! I think I’m going to join them for a couple days to take pictures and provide some mechanical help. It’s gonna be rad!

ps. not my photo

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2 Responses to Band Tour+Bike Tour

  1. joel says:

    hey, remind me the next time you are in to show you the photo of a dude with his bike with a guitar on the back.
    and also to get that moxie!

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