d’Autremont Cycles

I was just up in Vermont for a visit and stopped in for a look at Hubert d’Autremont’s bike frame shop in Burlington. Back when Hubert and I worked at Old Spokes Home he set up a little shop in his garage where he would make frames and host drunken bike-fixing sessions with OSH people that sometimes interfered with coworker/landlord/housemate Mike McDonald’s “early to bed” lifestyle.

He eventually moved to a much larger and awesomer space, and he’s been turning out some really nice frames. One of the projects he’s working on now is a track frame for Derek McIntyre, a fellow Old Spokes mechanic and guitarist for the local hardcore band Unrestrained.

From Vermont February 2010

Head tube with nice, subtle lug shapes.

From Vermont February 2010

Seat cluster. Check out the long lug point on the top tube.

From Vermont February 2010

Hubert’s trademark twin-plate fork crown with extra long point lugs.

From Vermont February 2010

Bottom bracket shell.

He also had a really clean looking fillet-brazed singlespeed mountain bike frame with a distinctive paint job.

From Vermont February 2010
From Vermont February 2010
From Vermont February 2010
From Vermont February 2010

Hubert’s also experimenting with making his own lugs. Apparently there aren’t many widely-available lug designs for modern 1-1/8 inch tubes so custom-made lug blanks like these open up the possibilities for unique lug designs.

From Vermont February 2010

And finally, a rare picture of Hubert smiling. (He’s usually scowling with concentration.)

From Vermont February 2010

Thanks for showing me around the shop Hubert, you’re a real cool bro!

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2 Responses to d’Autremont Cycles

  1. joel says:

    the forkcrown is beautiful. thanks for the show

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