Recent work

Since I moved to Philly, I’ve had some trouble finding work, with a short stint as a warehouse worker that ended after only three days. In order to keep from feeling totally worthless and nonproductive, I’ve done a little signpainting and trashpicking. I was trying to brainstorm ways of putting up street art without doing what could be considered vandalism, so I decided to use my recent interest in hand-painted signs to start a project that makes signs for fictional businesses that I can hang outside some of the many abandoned businesses around my neighborhood. My first piece hangs just down the street from my house. **11/22- The sign is gone, just the wires it hung from remains. Not sure if it blew down (the hooks it hung from weren’t closed loops) or got taken down.**

The name “Back Fat Supply Co.” doesn’t really mean anything, it just popped into my head one day and I’ve been doodling and sketching some ideas for a sign before making this one.

I’ve also been poking around the streets on trash pickup days, salvaging wood, paint and furniture. Last night was a fruitful one, and I ended up finding a working cordless hand drill and an old wooden crate for olive oil along with some other wood scraps. The olive oil crate is really cool, and I decided to add a shelf to convert it into a small bookcase.

I had some scraps of another crate that came with it, so I was able to use the same design on the side for the shelf.

The design on the top.

Closeup of the side.

Here’s a nice little snapshot from my neighborhood:

That’s a shooting range target, and apparently my neighbor has good aim.

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4 Responses to Recent work

  1. VTPyzon says:

    Nice signs.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Is this wordpress blog where you moved?

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